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Countertop Remodeling in New Orleans That Enhance the Beauty in Your Kitchen

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Make your kitchen look like a showroom by adding the newest trend in countertops to your home—custom granite tops. Granite countertops add instant curb appeal to any space and make kitchens more functional than ever before, helping you achieve your dream kitchen.

Add the finishing touch to your kitchen with custom granite countertops from the service professionals at Big Easy Kitchens! We make sure our residential and commercial clients are served in a timely manner.

Let us install the newest trend in home decorating into your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of hiring a contractor! Get started on your kitchen remodeling project today, and call us at (504) 383-9473 to get started on your New Orleans homes!

Different Materials of Countertops in New Orleans

A lot of homeowners choose countertop materials based on their budget and personal preference. Some people prefer granite while others go with marble, but no matter what material they choose, they want to make sure that it looks good on a solid surface.

Many home improvement stores offer samples so customers can see all the available options. If you’re looking into selecting your new countertop materials, here’s where to start with the excellent service.

Stone Countertops

In addition to being beautiful, stone or quartz countertops offer durability and value. They also make your kitchen look more modern than granite and marble. And when it comes time to replace them, all you need to do is cut out the old ones and install new ones. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Engineered Stone Countertops

countertops installationEngineered stone interiors have become one of the most popular trends in kitchen remodeling today. If you want your home to stand out from others, then engineered stone countertops may be what you need.

They are also very durable, so they won’t chip or crack as easily. These materials can be installed by professional installers and are easy to clean. An added benefit is that they can be used in any room of the house, including bathrooms, kitchens, dens, living rooms, and even bedrooms.

Non-traditional Countertops

New countertops aren’t just a kitchen’s most important feature – they’re also one of its biggest expenses. Traditional granite countertops may look beautiful but they are expensive (and difficult to maintain). Ceramic tile counters are popular but can be costly too. If you want to save money but still get something attractive, consider quartz counters. They come in different colors and styles, including traditional wood grain designs as well as more contemporary patterns and textures.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Update Countertops?

It might seem counterintuitive that you can find ways to save money by spending more. But when it comes to home improvement projects like updating your kitchen counters, the most expensive way to update them may actually be cheaper than others.

If you’re looking to replace all of the existing granite counters in your house, the cheapest option is likely to be installing new ones. However, if you only want to replace some of the counters, you can make those replacements yourself at less cost.


One inexpensive way to update countertops is by painting them. This method can give the countertops a brand-new look at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. It is worth noting that painting countertops is not a permanent solution and you might need to touch up the paint every now and then. Also, the paint job will not withstand heat, direct sunlight, water, and chemicals as well as the solid surface countertop.


Another inexpensive way to update countertops is by covering them with a material that can be cut to size and applied on top of the existing countertops such as Laminate sheets, Peel-and-stick vinyl, Wood planks, or Tiles. It is worth noting that covering countertops is not a permanent solution and the covering might have to be removed or replaced in the future.

Countertops Tile Decals

Another inexpensive way to update countertops is by using tile decals. These are adhesive vinyl or paper decals that mimic the look of tiles and can be applied directly over your existing countertops. Tile decals can be found in a variety of designs, from solid colors to intricate patterns, and can be easily cut to fit the size of your countertops.

How Do You Update Old Countertops?

There’s no doubt about it, countertops can be difficult to clean. If your counters are looking dated, give them a facelift with one of our great new kitchen designs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing a major renovation or just updating your current kitchen design, we’ll help you create a space that’s beautiful and functional.

Get the Paint Out

There’s no way around it; countertop paint jobs require some elbow grease and patience. If you’re going to tackle your kitchen project yourself, it’s important to plan ahead and take precautions so that you don’t end up with a disaster on your hands. In addition to knowing what kind of finish you want on your countertops, it’s also essential to think about the prep work you’ll need to do beforehand.

Chopping Block Refinishing

The best way to update old countertops is with a cutting block refinisher. A cutting block refiner is used to cut the wood into smaller pieces that are easier to handle. There are several different kinds of cutting blocks available. They come in various sizes and shapes to fit your needs. Some are made out of metal while others are made out of plastic and rubber.

Make an Artificial Concrete Finish

countertopsUsing concrete as flooring has become very popular among homeowners all over the country. If you want to give your home an old-fashioned look but don’t have the time to refinish your floors yourself, then consider using a resin finish. This material combines two different kinds of resins into one product. Your countertop manufacturer will create a liquid version of the resin, apply it to your countertop with a roller, and allow the resin to dry.

Add on the Marble Print Stick-Ons!

If your legacy countertops surface looks old and worn out, then it’s time for a change. There are several ways to make your kitchen counters look new again. One way is with a marble print stick-on. It creates a smooth and clean look for any type of countertop.

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel Countertops?

A kitchen remodeling project can cost anywhere between $1,000 and $8,000 depending on what your goal is and the scope of quality work needed.

This price range includes all materials such as countertop type (natural stone, granite, quartz, etc.), sink type (under mount/over mount), backsplash type (tile, plastic, etc.), and vanity type (shower stall, medicine cabinet).

In addition to material costs, labor is also important to consider. Some projects require very little to no labor while others may take several days of hands-on time to complete.

Create Kitchen Countertops That Are Both Beautiful and Functional in New Orleans

Big Easy Kitchens is one of the best full-service countertop companies in New Orleans, LA, that can help you create the perfect space for your home. Countertops have made many improvements over time but they still lack one key attribute – durability.

We’re here to fix that by offering countertop remodeling services! If you’re looking for a way to improve your kitchen or bathroom design then we’ve got the solution for you.

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