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How to Choose the Right Cabinet Hardware Made Easy

To ensure a pleasing and functional kitchen, it is important to understand how to select the appropriate cabinet hardware. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into various aspects that play a vital role in making an informed decision about selecting appropriate cabinet hardware for your space.

We will explore different types of cabinet hardware such as knobs, pulls, and hinges along with their respective materials like metal, wood, and plastic/resin. Furthermore, you’ll learn about popular finishes including satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and chrome/stainless steel which can greatly impact the overall appearance of your kitchen cabinets.

Lastly, we will discuss essential considerations when choosing cabinet hardware such as style and design factors (traditional vs modern), color/finish options (size & shape), quality/durability requirements (weight capacity & rust resistance), as well as installation prerequisites (drilling holes & mounting options). This in-depth analysis of how to choose the right cabinet hardware will empower you with valuable insights needed for making a confident choice tailored specifically to your unique preferences and needs.

Table of Contents:

Types of Cabinet Hardware

To select the ideal cabinet hardware for your kitchen, it is essential to be aware of the various types available. Each type serves a specific purpose and adds a unique touch to your cabinets. Let’s explore some common options:

a. Knobs

Knobs are small, round pieces of hardware that attach directly to cabinet doors or drawers with a single screw. They provide an easy way for you to open and close cabinets without damaging their surface over time from constant use. Knobs come in various shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes – making them versatile choices for any kitchen design.

b. Pulls

Cabinet pulls, also known as handles or bars, are elongated pieces of hardware that require two screws for installation on each end of the pull itself. This type offers more grip than knobs due to its larger size and shape – perfect if you have heavy drawers filled with pots and pans. Like knobs, pulls come in numerous styles ranging from traditional designs like cup pulls or bin pulls up through sleek modern bar handles.

c . Hinges

Last but not least, hinges play an important role when selecting cabinet hardware. These hidden components connect your cabinet doors directly to their frames, allowing them to swing open smoothly while keeping everything securely fastened together. There are several hinge types such as concealed, semi-concealed, exposed butt hinges, and European-style hinges among others. To learn more about choosing the right hinge for your cabinets, check out this guide on selecting cabinet hinges.

When selecting the right cabinet hardware, it is important to consider the different types of knobs, pulls and hinges available. When selecting cabinet hardware, another thing to keep in mind is the material utilized for its construction.

Materials for Cabinet Hardware

When it comes to picking the ideal cabinet hardware for your kitchen, a significant point to think about is the material utilized in its production. The choice of material can greatly impact both the appearance and functionality of your cabinet hardware. In this section, we will discuss three common materials used in making cabinet hardware: metal, wood, and plastic/resin.

a. Metal

Metal is a popular choice for cabinet hardware due to its durability and versatility. There are various types of metals available on the market that cater to different preferences and budgets. Some popular choices include brass, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, and zinc alloy. Each type offers unique benefits such as corrosion resistance or an attractive finish.

  • Brass: Known for its elegance and classic appeal, brass adds warmth with a golden hue while offering excellent durability.
  • Stainless Steel: This option provides high strength with rust resistance; ideal for modern kitchens with sleek designs.
  • Zinc Alloy: A budget-friendly alternative that combines zinc with other metals like aluminum or copper; it’s lightweight yet durable enough for everyday use.

b. Wood

If you’re looking to add a natural touch to your kitchen cabinets, wooden cabinet hardware makes an excellent choice. Wooden knobs or pulls come in various styles ranging from traditional carved designs to sleek, modern options. Wood can be stained or painted to match your existing cabinetry and offers a warm, inviting feel.

c. Plastic/Resin

For those seeking an affordable option without sacrificing style, plastic or resin cabinet hardware is worth considering. These materials are lightweight and available in a wide array of colors and designs that can easily complement any kitchen decor. Plastic/resin cabinet hardware may offer more moisture resistant than other materials, but they may not be as durable in the long run.

When selecting cabinet hardware, the material of choice is an important factor to consider. Metal, wood and plastic/resin are all viable options depending on your individual needs. Once you’ve determined the material, it’s essential to look at the various finishes offered for each one so that your chosen cabinet hardware is just what you need.

Finishes for Cabinet Hardware

The finish of your cabinet hardware plays a significant role in the overall look and feel of your kitchen space. With various options available, it’s essential to choose a finish that complements your cabinets and other elements in the room. In this section, we’ll discuss some popular finishes for cabinet hardware and their unique characteristics.

a. Satin Nickel

Satin nickel is a versatile finish that works well with most kitchen styles due to its soft sheen and subtle texture. It pairs nicely with stainless steel appliances and can add an elegant touch to both traditional and modern kitchens alike.

b. Oil Rubbed Bronze

If you’re looking for a more rustic or vintage-inspired aesthetic, oil-rubbed bronze may be the perfect choice for your cabinet hardware finish. This dark brown hue has an aged appearance that adds warmth and character to any space while also providing excellent durability against wear and tear.

c. Chrome/Stainless Steel

For those seeking a sleek, contemporary look in their kitchen design, chrome or stainless steel finishes are ideal choices for cabinet hardware as they offer clean lines with high shine appeal – making them particularly suitable for modern spaces like Big Easy Kitchens projects. These materials are not only stylish but also highly resistant to rusting or tarnishing over time.

Apart from these commonplace selections, a variety of other finishes can be found such as brass, copper, matte black and more. It’s essential to consider how the finish will work with your cabinets’ color and style when making a decision. For expert advice on choosing the right cabinet hardware finish for your kitchen project, consult with a professional contractor who specializes in kitchen services like Big Easy Kitchens.

It is important to consider the finish of your cabinet hardware when selecting it, as this will affect its look and feel. Once you have chosen the finish of your cabinet hardware, it is essential to take into account other factors like design and style, longevity and fitting needs before settling on a final choice.

Considerations When Choosing Cabinet Hardware

When selecting the perfect cabinet hardware for your kitchen, there are several factors to consider. These include style and design, quality and durability, as well as installation requirements. To make a well-informed choice, this article will provide an in-depth examination of the factors to consider when selecting cabinet hardware for your kitchen.

a. Style and Design

The style of your cabinet hardware should complement the overall design of your kitchen space. Here are some aspects to consider:

  • Traditional vs Modern: Determine whether a traditional or modern look suits your taste and existing decor better. Traditional designs often feature intricate details and classic shapes while modern styles tend to be sleeker with clean lines.
  • Color and Finish: Choose a color that matches or complements other elements in the room such as appliances, countertops, or fixtures like faucets. HGTV offers helpful tips on how to choose colors for different finishes.
  • Size and Shape: Ensure that the size of knobs or pulls is proportionate to the size of cabinets they’ll be installed on – larger drawers may require longer pulls while smaller doors can benefit from compact knobs.

b. Quality and Durability

Cabinet hardware should look not only good but also withstand daily use over time without showing signs of wear or damage. Keep these factors in mind when assessing quality:

  • Weight Capacity: Avoid flimsy materials that might break under pressure by opting for sturdy options capable of supporting heavy cabinetry doors or drawers filled with kitchenware.
  • Rust Resistance: Choose materials that are resistant to rust and corrosion, especially if your kitchen is prone to high humidity or moisture. Stainless steel and brass are popular choices for their durability and resistance to tarnishing.

c. Installation Requirements

Before purchasing cabinet hardware, make sure you’re aware of the installation process involved so you can either do it yourself or hire a professional contractor like Big Easy Kitchen. Consider these factors:

  • Drilling Holes in Cabinets: If your cabinets don’t already have holes drilled for knobs or pulls, you’ll need to measure carefully before drilling new ones. This requires precision as well as appropriate tools such as a drill bit specifically designed for cabinetry work.
  • Mounting Options: Different types of hardware may require different mounting methods – some use screws while others rely on adhesive backing or clips. Ensure that the chosen method works with your cabinet material (wood, metal, etc.) without causing damage during installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 1/3 rule for cabinet hardware?

The 1/3 rule for cabinet hardware refers to a guideline that suggests selecting knobs or pulls that are approximately one-third of the length of your cabinet doors or drawers. This helps maintain visual balance and ensures proper functionality.

What is the rule for cabinet hardware?

The general rule for choosing cabinet hardware involves considering factors such as style, size, placement, and material. These elements should complement your kitchen’s overall design while ensuring ease of use and durability.

When selecting cabinet hardware, what are three things to keep in mind?

  1. Style: Choose between traditional or modern designs based on your kitchen’s aesthetic.
  2. Durability: Opt for high-quality materials like metal or wood with rust resistance and weight capacity suitable for daily use.
  3. Ease of installation: Consider mounting options and drilling requirements before making a decision.

Which hardware is best for cabinets?

The best choice depends on personal preferences and existing decor. However, popular options include satin nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, and chrome/stainless steel finishes made from durable materials like metal or wood. Always prioritize quality construction when choosing cabinet hardware.


Choosing the right cabinet hardware is an important decision when remodeling or renovating a kitchen. The kind, fabric and finish of the hardware selected can have a huge effect on its visual appeal and long-term performance. Consider factors such as durability, style preferences, budget constraints and maintenance requirements before making your final choice so that you can choose the right cabinet hardware for your home.

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